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  • A Bright, Beautiful, Recycled “Wearable”

    Over three million refugees entered the EU between 2012 and 2016, and thousands continue to arrive every day. According to the UN Refugee Agency, more people are displaced today than ever before in history—even more than during World War II. This is an overwhelming problem to read about, but even more overwhelming to experience firsthand. While visiting Lesbos, Greece in 2015, Americans Zoë Pappis and Alexander Schultz witnessed the crisis for themselves—and decided they had to take action to help. That action resulted in the Zoë band, which is hands down the most brilliant recycling-for-a-cause […]

  • Examining the impact of eWaste on marine life

    By Stacy Muszynski, guest blogger  IDR Environmental Services says it plainly: “Already two-thirds of aquatic life is considered to be an endangered species because of improperly disposed chemicals and other waste.” What’s more: “When a toxic waste harms one organism, it can end up destroying an entire food chain of aquatic life.” And it’s happening fast. According to Stuart Pimm, a conservation biologist at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, “We know we’re losing biodiversity at a rate that is 1,000 times faster than we should be.” And the problem is spreading. “Improperly disposed chemicals pollute marine […]

  • Predicting the future of eMaterials Management

    By Vince Cavasin, Head of Global Marketing Have you seen the new products introduced at CES this year? Drones! Robots! Self-driving cars! Tiny connected things! TVs that hang like wallpaper! In other words…incremental change. I’m not seeing any game-changers coming out of CES 2017, and that’s fine; the vast majority of human progress comes via evolution, not revolution. Reading through the various “best of CES” lists led me to ponder the implications of this idea for the eMaterials recycling industry. In its brief history, our industry hasn’t seen much disruption by game-changing technologies; the smartphone […]

  • 3 tips to reduce personal eWaste

    By Jon LaPere, Sr. Sales and Business Development Manager Americans throw away or recycle hundreds of thousands of electronics products daily. Starting now you can help reduce the waste. It’s no secret that we consumers rely heavily on our cell phones, laptops, tablets, and televisions every day. Mix in wearable technology, such as Fitbit health trackers, Samsung Gear, Apple watches, and now virtual reality products — and it becomes obvious we live in highly technologically advanced age! Speaking solely about Americans, who notoriously want the “latest and greatest” devices as soon as they become available […]

  • Two innovative recycling programs in Hong Kong give to people in need

    By Ritsuo Arao, Asia Representative/Business Development Manager According to Discover Hong Kong, the amount of retail space dedicated to gadgetry and electronics in the city is “probably only challenged by jewellery [sic] shops and convenience stores.” With lack of sales tax and import duty, bargains can be had on all things electronic. And while “people in Hong Kong often own more than one handset and change models frequently,” retail prices are competitive, offerings are comprehensive, and products “not only keep up with, but often precede, world trends.” The mega sales result in, according to Hong Kong […]

  • Sneak attack: How an outlier smartphone maker becomes a decade-long overnight sensation

    By David Mayer, Manager, Solution Design and Business Development When surveying the market for the latest smartphone, most look to consumer electronics leaders such as Apple and Samsung, not low budget poseur brands. One Chinese manufacturer, however, has set out to shatter preconceptions. Huawei, the world’s third-largest smartphone manufacturer, is now on a mission to not only compete with Apple and Samsung, but to actually beat these consumer electronics giants at their own game. During a recent industry event in London, Huawei surpassed its two leading rivals, unveiling a high-tech smartphone that features a first-of-a-kind dual-lens camera. Engineers from Huawei and German optics company Leica Camera, […]

  • From eWaste to eMaterials: Redefining the value of obsolete electronics

    By Vince Cavasin, Senior Director of Global Marketing Would you call this waste? How about this? Probably not. How about this? And yet, I found that last picture when I searched for “eWaste stock photo”. This points to a dichotomy that we at Belmont are working to change: when it comes to the lifecycle of all kinds of electronic products, we have a language problem that is both a function and a driver of our attitude toward them: when they are no longer new, they are “waste”. Newspapers, bottles, cans, and other products we have more […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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